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Jill Carrie

I have spent the last 18 years starting, building and selling companies. I love working with startups to grow and scale their organizations through launching new products, forming new partnerships and increasing their sales. Besides entrepreneurship and business strategy, I also love teaching, coaching, and ice hockey!! 


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Current Projects

What I’m Working On Now!

The Recipe for Genius

The Recipe for Genius system, is the formula for success, that I use in my own life and with all of my private clients. I am currently writing a book detailing the system and have begun creating a series of training programs designed to help you discover your own unique gifts, and eliminate resistance in your life!

I have a new program beginning this January called: New Year, True You! Interested in Living Out Your Unique Genius? 


A Non-Profit Organization and Social Media Platform, specifically for Women & Girl’s Ice Hockey. I designed this platform to Unite the Sport, Grow the Game, and Pay Our Pros!!

Interested in learning more, joining the platform or donating to Women’s Professional Hockey Players? 

Featured Projects:

CO3 Business Design

My Business Coaching Company, where I work with Innovation Based Startups. I help Scientists, Researchers, & Engineers, to Design Business Models for their inventions, that Scale!

FUSE Hockey - Semi-Pro League

A Non-Profit Organization and Social Media Platform, for Women & Girl’s Ice Hockey. I designed this platform to Unite the Sport, Grow the Game, and Pay Our Pros!! We will be launching our Semi-Pro North American League in 2021!

The Recipe for Genius

The Recipe for Genius system, is the formula for success, that I use in my own life and with all of my private clients. This system works, and my goal is for literally everyone to get to live out their dreams!

What I DO

My Story & Services

Teaching & Coaching

I officially started my coaching career at just 10 years of age, when I was certified by Skate Canada to teach figure skating lessons! And from the moment I started, I have never been able to stop!! I simply love systematizing what I have learned, and helping others to realize their goals & dreams!! 

Since then, I have taught formally as an Adjunct Professor, at Georgetown University & Virginia Tech. I have been a university hockey coach, a mentor in startup company accelerator programs, and lead many of my own private coaching & training programs. 

Science & Technology

After graduating high school at 16, I set out to become a scientist! Then at 18, I had the amazing opportunity to run my own Mass Spectrometry laboratory for the Canadian Navy, as part of their metal forensics team. However, what I discovered there was that, bench science is a lot like baking, but without the tasty results! Honestly, I was bored and I started experimenting with sample prep techniques, designed a new system, and wrote a training manual.

At college, I tried out almost all of the sciences, before I finally fell in love with immunology! But, I wasn’t sure what to do with that love, so at 19, I co-founded web development firm to teach myself business & technology.

Serial Entreprenuer

For the last two decades, I have worked exclusively on innovation based projects. I like to work on solving the puzzles, that no one else has solved! 

I have dedicated my career to turning amazing ideas into real life products, partnerships and profits. Whether that is through starting my own ventures, or helping others to do the same, through my business design company.

I started in science & technology, by my business expertise is in designing novel business models, creating customers, and building automated systems. This expertise is not tied to any particular industry, and I have lead: tech, education, biomedical, energy, sports and new media organizations. 

Psychology & Energy

I have seen enough entrepreneurs to know, that for the most part, their success is not limited by their actual inventions. Instead, people box themselves in, with their own understanding of how things “work” or “what is possible”. A big part of my job as a coach & mentor, is really about opening people up to new ways of looking at things.

 I wanted to develop a quick & easy way to unlock people’s minds, to kind of prep them for business coaching.  What ended up arising out of this desire, was so much more! After years & years of study and hands on application, the official Recipe for Genius system was born! It’s a mix of psychology, physics, biology & esoteric wisdom, which identifies and unlocks each individual’s unique genius. Freeing people from their past experiences, and opening up new possibilities for success!

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